06.28.2019 Tariq Al Muhtasib

3 Creative Ways to Prevent Conflict in the Workplace

Some conflict in the workplace is inevitable--but as an HR manager or business manager, you want to do your best to reduce it as much as possible. Are you tired of employees sniping and fighting at the worst possible moments?

Try some of these creative strategies for preventing--or at least significantly reducing--conflict in the workplace:

Strategy #1: Enjoy Team Time Together

Spending time with team members outside the daily 9-5 grind--or at least outside the office--can go a long way toward building overall relationships and helping employees to see one another as people, rather than as problems they have to deal with. Look for ways to enjoy time together as a team, whether it's donating a work day to volunteer as a team or heading out for a fun outing together.

Strategy #2: Skip the Meetings

Sure, meetings can help increase understanding and make sure expectations are conveyed clearly, but they can also lead to increased frustration throughout the business day. Consider whether or not skipping meetings from time to time can help decrease conflict throughout your workplace. Not only will employees be in each other's company less, they'll have less stress: a winning combination.

Strategy #3: Put Employees Where They Can Thrive

In many offices, especially large business cultures, employees are simply shoved into roles by the numbers: whoever is free goes next! If you truly want your employees to thrive, however, look for ways to match their personality and skills to their roles. You'll quickly discover that this simple strategy can go a long way toward reducing workplace conflict, since each employee will be in a position where they feel capable and comfortable.

It's time to make your office a more comfortable place to work--and that starts with creating the right environment. These strategies can go a long way toward transforming your office culture and decreasing overall conflict.

Published by Tariq Al Muhtasib June 28, 2019